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a performance for young and old
Anton Lachky


EN* 'Ludum' is a dance performance for children (+6) and their families.

The citizens of Ludum love to wander and get lost into the wild of virtual reality. Filled with an intense joy, they dive head first into the very attractive and fascinating vortex, where digital landscapes seem so much more attractive than reality itself. All their dreams, their wildest fantasies, come true. Finally, true happiness is at a hand reach!

Superb, ravishing dancers inhabit this wonderful world: Their dance is enchanting. They are beautiful, powerful, immortal! They seem to set themselves free from the bleak edges of the physical world. Finally, the realm of reality extend, unfold, and reach an infinite horizon.

Dissolving the limits, playing endlessly with what is possible and what is not, raises questions: At a time where virtuality and reality beget each other, are we still able to distinguish them? And, most importantly, what will happen to Ludum and its inhabitants?

Anton Lachky

Angel Duran (SP),
Lewis Cooke (UK),
Patricia Rotondaro (CH),
Guilhem Chatir (FR),
Hyaejin Lee (KR),
Anna Karenina Lambrechts (BE),
Ioulia Zacharaki (GR),
Maria Manoukian (GR),
Mami Izumi

Light & sound
Tom Daniels

Britt Angé

Anton Lachky Company

La Balsamine Théâtre (BE),  
Charleroi-Danse - Centre Chorégraphique de la fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE),
Steps Danse Festival - Migros - The Culture Persentage (CH),
Produced with the support of the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter,
La Federation Wallonie Bruxelles (BE) 



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