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Isabel Abreu, Pedro Gil, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Frank Verkrcruyse

EN* When we read, we make choices. We translate what we read into the language of our lives. The pages are illuminated by the candle of our experience and that flame flickers and changes colour because of what we read.
We know a book can change us. Reading the description of a ball, the reader might decide to divorce. Reading about the first glance exchanged between two characters, the reader might decide to marry. Reading a dialogue about mushrooms, a reader might decide to change jobs. 

A book like Tolstoi's Anna Karenina can also be the collection of lives it has changed slightly or decisively, for better or for worse. Lives that might change the way Anna dies.  ​

STAN's collaboration with Tiago Rodrigues started in 1997, when the company was invited for the first time by Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. Tiago, at the time still a student at the Lisbon theatre school, took part in a workshop led by STAN. The following year STAN created Point Blank (after Anton Chekhov's Platonov) with Tiago in the cast. STAN and Tiago Rodrigues have kept up a regular collaboration since, with Les Antigones/Two Antigone, La Carta, Berenice, Anathema, L'avantage du doute, The Monkey Trial, and Nora. The way she dies brings together Belgian and Portuguese actors in the very first play written by Tiago for the company. The performance is a coproduction between STAN and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, where Tiago is artistic director since 2015.


Tiago Rodrigues

Isabel Abreu,

pedro Gil,

Jolente De Keersmaeker,

Frank Vercruyssen

Light & decor

Thomas Walgrave

Filipe Ferreira

Britt Angé,

An D'Huys


STAN - Antwerp / Theatro Nacional D.Maria II - Lisboa


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