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Harry Cleven

EN* Following the mysterious disappearance of her partner, Louise, overwhelmed by sorrow, is confined to a mental institution. In the greatest secrecy, she gives birth to a baby boy whom she calls Mon Ange and who is provided with an incredible peculiarity: he is invisible. Louise imposes on Mon Ange to never come to light in the world, too merciless in front of differences. Yet, one day Mon Ange meets Madeleine, a little blind girl with whom he falls madly in love. Thanks to her blindness, Mon Ange can love Madeleine while keeping his own secret. Over the years, their love grows, until the day when Madeleine delivers the news that is going to turn their life upside down: she is going to regain her eyesight…


Harry Cleven


Harry Cleven, 
Thomas Gunzig

Elina Lôwensohn,
Fleur Geffrier,
François Vinecentelli,
Hannah Bourdu,
Maya Do
Juliette Van Dormael
Lucas Le Bart,
Frédéric Fichefet,
Gilles Benardeau
Set designer
Luc Noël


George Alexander van Dam

Britt Angé

Matyas Veress

Production & Post-production
François Dubois,
Julien Sigalas


Terra Incognita Films, 
Climax Films, 
Après le Déluge, 
Davage Film

Camerimage (PL) – Best Cinematography Debut Award – Juliette Van Dormael,
Magritte Award (Be) – Most Promising Actress Award – Maya Dory,
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (CH) – Special Mention Award – Harry Cleven,
American Society of Cinematographers (USA) – Nominee Spotlight Award– Juliette Van Dormael,
Magritte Award (Be) – Nominee Best Production Design – Luc Noël,
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (CH) – Nominee Narcisse Award Best Film – Harry Cleven,
Nominee Silver Méliès Best European Fantastic Feature Film – Harry Cleven,



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